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Hi, I'm Chiriga!

Former marketing director turned consultant, designer, stager, and boutique owner all while being a mom, wife, sister, auntie, daughter... you get it.

Let me guide you in living intentionally, creating spaces in your home and business that align with your desired lifestyle and help you reach your aspirations with a sense of ease, elevation and elegance.

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Instant Elegance in 3 Steps!

Elevate your space from "Meh" to effortlessly beautiful by creatively organizing shelves and tables, reflecting your unique style and simplifying daily life. Transform your home with these simple actions. 


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Whether you're looking to nurture your space for heightened creativity, tranquility, or simply to declutter, "Clearing: How to Diary" unravels the art of refining your living environment with intention and precision. It's not just an eBook; it's a movement towards creating a space that resonates with your aspirations. It's a purposeful shift from decluttering to 'clearing' with foresight, aligning your home with your life's vision. Download now for only $15 CAD.

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Are You Living Life by Design?

This is your hub for home + empowerment. Let's work together to transform your space into something exceptional! I'll help craft beautiful, practical spaces reflecting your unique style, enhancing your daily life. You deserve a stunning, functional home that contributes to your well-being. I'm here to support you on this journey, accommodating kids and pets. Let's create a sanctuary you adore.

Here's how I can help:

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Learn w/ Chiriga

I'll provide guides, resources, and digital courses where I share my experiences, successes, and the learnings from my setbacks to help you achieve your desired lifestyle more swiftly, with the grace and sophistication you envision. Explore my free downloads and valuable resources that empower you.

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Design + Staging Services

Decorating and Home Staging can evoke a range of feelings - from fun and exciting to downright overwhelming. That's where we come in with our eDecorating, Full-Service, and Home Staging offerings, tailored to match your preferred level of participation. Discover our design and home staging packages today.

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Shop w/ Chiriga

It’s the details that personalize your space, tell your story, and make it feel like home. Many struggle to create the serene, rejuvenating space we all deserve. Introducing Derrick Details, a furniture and home décor boutique where you can shop your way, guided by carefully curated collections.

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"Thank you, I finally have a home that I love spending time in."

Andrea, Full-Service Client + Student
About Chiriga Derrick |

Hi there, I'm Chiriga Derrick —

I help busy moms design spaces that align with their lives, goals, + dreams.

I have witnessed firsthand the profound influence of good design on mood, well-being, family dynamics, and business success. My talent lies in leveraging existing elements to drive remarkable transformations. Which lead to a firm believe that you have the power to craft the life you aspire to lead now.

Whether you seek a space revamp, renovation, curated brand experience, or an inspiring moment, count on me. I am here to support, inspire, and celebrate your journey.


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Sophisticated Surfaces

Elevate your interiors with expert shelf + table styling guidance. Discover how to swiftly transform your space with:

  • The secret formula for crafting beautifully styled moments (also known as vignettes)
  • Essential tips to harmonize form and function flawlessly
  • Expert guidance on shopping within your own home