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decorating Feb 13, 2021
A Sense of Home Blog Post | Open-concept Living Room Picture

Mindfulness, meditation, and journaling are practices that have been linked to reducing stress, create balance, increase happiness, mental clarity, and connection, while even bettering your physical health. There is no doubt that the benefits outweigh the strain on one’s time, however, what if there was an easier way for your entire family to reap the rewards.

I have learned that creating a soothing, or calming space can be just as effective in increasing your wellbeing as meditation, however, requires less of a commitment. Truth be told these slow, calming practices clash with my competitive, fast-paced sensibilities and have been difficult to implement with my three sons.

Enter in Sensing Home; a mindful exploration of creating the feeling of home through the five senses. All month long I have been sharing tips on creating a home with intention on Instagram, lets continue the conversation here.



The first sense that comes into play when you enter a space. What you see can either support or conflict with the feeling you are trying to create. Start by:

  1. Clearing the clutter and organizing; a clear space immediately makes you feel less anxious.
  2. Choose decor that is more streamlined; busy and ornate accessories are often connected to heighten emotional responses.
  3. Surround yourself with the color and tones that evoke the right emotion. If you prefer neutral colors then decorate with them, but if dark moody colors make you comfortable use them instead.



The quiet hum of electronics plugged into your space, as well as the outside environment, have just as much impact on your home's soundtrack as the music you play. Create your home’s soundtrack by:

  1. Making sure that appliances, electronics, and fans are in good working order; consider plugging out items when they are not in use.
  2. Layer window coverings. Blinds or sheers with room darkening drapes not only look good by they can muffle sound when drawn.
  3. Use technology such as Google Home, Alexa, or your cell phone to radiate your favourite playlist throughout your space. Create memories with music.



The fabrics that touch our skin, the comforts of our furnishings, and even the hard surfaces in our spaces play into the sense of touch. Ensure that what we feel is physically soothing by:

  1. Choosing items with fabrics you want to “wear”. Ensure the textiles in your space are comfortable to the touch.
  2. Control the temperature. Cold spots or overheated rooms don’t feel relaxing; do what is need to remedy the situation.
  3. Bathe and sleep in luxury. Buy the best towels and bedding that you can afford, there’s a reason why we like fine hotels, imitate them.



The scent in a space can really turn people away as the sense of smell can envelop you. A smell is also easily linked to memory. Ease unpleasant smells in your space by:

  1. Being diligent about trash and pet waste. Stay on top of waste in your space, clearing it regularly.
  2. Create ambiance; lighting a scented candle can set the mood and provide a visual glow.
  3. Open the windows; create better air circulation and let some fresh air in.



Enjoying a meal has the power to bring you back to a particular memory or give you that feeling of home even if it is eaten outside of the home. Here are some ways to infuse the taste sense without hitting the kitchen:

  1. Take one; the candy dish is not only for candy, and not only for the formal room of the house. Fill a dish with a snack that the family can enjoy on a whim.
  2. Decorate with food; a decorative bowl filled with fruit will not only look good but also send a colorful reminder signal of the taste sense.
  3. A place for everything; ensure that there are furnishings to place snacks and drinks beyond the kitchen or dining room. A basement den or family room often includes snacking.


Overall, as you focus on creating or maintaining a home consider how the space makes you feel. Use the five senses to guide your choices and see the benefits of being mindful at home.

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