My Journey 


From stretched-thin Digital Marketing Professional to passionate Designer/Renovator Entrepreneur.

Before managing job-loss, diving head-first into a set of design businesses during a global pandemic, Chiriga was a solution-oriented Marketing and eCommerce professional.

Eager to create stellar in-store and online customer experiences, improve conversion rates, and share award-winning content, she is her brightest sharing what she knows, inspiring a team, and help others to be their best.

Wife, Mom, Twins, and Proving Myself... 


I didn't take the carefully planned smooth road to entrepreneurship as life has gotten in the way more than once.

Going to university for Business and Information Management meant that I started my career working two roles at once just to prove that I could do the role that I wanted. Moving from Admin and Tech roles to Digital and Retail Marketing happened over 15 years.

While working for Canada's Mobile Giants, an International Publisher, Service Provider, and Trusted Brands, my entrepreneurial spirit grew. My first side hustle was a wedding planning biz; a no-brainer while planning my own large extravaganza. Then graphic design firm centered around small businesses and celebrating life's moments while introducing my first son into the world.

Fast forward, my husband and I add Twin Boys, career changes, and rehabbing two Fixer Upper homes to our family. While we climbed our corporate ladders, we renovated our 50-year old home, raised 3 boys, explored our passions through side business ventures. Recently, we decided to do the 5-day real estate shuffle once again, buying another fixer-upper then selling our home during the condition period.

While living this over-schedule ambitious family life, I've dug in, read every book, blog and how-to, and soaked up all the lessons; every win and opportunity life has provided. As I result I became the person others ask for advice on interior design, renovation, increasing house value, and juggling family obligations while working. I have styled events, photo-shoots, commercial sets, and renovated offices, retail stores, and homes all making sure that "it works".

What I have discovered is that home...
  • Should be a reflection of the people who live there

  • Should be a restorative and restful space supporting your wellbeing

  • Can be beautiful regardless of size, budget, and the age of the kids who live there  

So as I manage life's latest curveball, I press play on launching my business, making sure you and your family get the most out of the space you live in.

How? By working with you in a way that fits your preference, timeline, and budget.